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Project Corner #1 - My Sorrel Sweater

There are certain projects in the world of knitting that seem like a rite of passage. Mention patterns like the 'Love Note' or 'Ranunculus' to someone in the yarnerati and you'll likely receive a knowing nod. They've either made one, have it on their needles, or it's nestled deep within their Ravelry queue. These staple knits are renowned for a reason – they strike the perfect balance between challenge and reward, resulting in finished pieces that don't end up abandoned in the notorious WIP pile.

One of these is the Sorrel Sweater, by Wool & Pine designs. This long-sleeved version and the newer, short sleeved 'Summer Sorrel', pop up all over the knitting community, and for good reason. The Sorrel Sweater boasts a straightforward top-down, in-the-round construction that's elevated by elegant dipped-stitch detailing spreading gracefully across the yoke. Having completed my own version a few months ago - and now that it's an integral part of my wardrobe - I thought it a perfect example to kick off the new 'Project Corner' section of my blog.

Sorrel is designed to be knit using one strand of 4ply yarn held together with a laceweight 'fuzz' such as mohair. This gives an airy, ethereal feel to the finished garment and boy oh boy does it make it SOFT!

I used my own 100% Merino 4ply in 'Are You The Farmer', paired with a kid mohair and silk mix from 'What Mustard Made'. The colour I used, Wisteria, still graces their Dyed To Order range and it is a dreamy shade of lilac.

Together, the tweedy browns and greens of my yarn and the soft mauve of the kidsilk combine to create a beautiful, fuzzy, smoky deliciousness that defies description.

I mean, LOOK at it! What even is this colour? It's like glimpsing a tweed coat through a cloud. In Narnia.

They worked together like an absolute dream and the result is light but warm and pairs beautifully with y go-to grey or black jeans. At first, I wasn't entirely convinced about using reverse stockinette, with the knit side facing out. However it soon grew on me, especially as the dipped stitches came alive against it. A valuable lesson in trusting the pattern. These designers know what they're doing, mates.

All in all, 5 stars all round - both for the yarns and the pattern, which is clearly and thoughtfully written and made me want to try more of Wool & Pine's designs. What do you think? Will you be casting on your own Sorrel Sweater one day?


PS If you've read this far - thank you! Have a biscuit on me. I'm calling this my 'Project Corner', because I plan to record some of my finished objects as they come off needles. The first few will be catch ups so you may already have seen this on my Instagram. Some of these will involve my own yarns, some the yarns of other dyers or even - gasp! - commercial yarns. There's no yarn snobbery here, all fibre is welcome - though of course I'd LOVE you to go and have a look at my shop before you go. Pip pip!


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